Jamie Arnold

Position: Co-Founder, Golf House Academy

Jamie journey into the world of golf is deeply rooted in his family's legacy, particularly his father, Colin, a respected PGA of Australia member with over five decades of teaching experience. Growing up under his father's guidance, Jamie developed a profound appreciation for the game and honed his skills both on and off the course.

With notable achievements on the Korn Ferry Tour, including multiple top 25 finishes in each season, Jamie has showcased his talent and resilience as a competitor. His victories, such as the Tahiti Open in 2019, underscore his ability to thrive under pressure and solidify his standing as a formidable presence on the tour.

Drawing from his father's teachings, Jamie brings a unique blend of technical expertise and effective communication to his role as a Co-Founder of Golf House Academy. His approach to teaching is grounded in clarity and simplicity, making complex concepts accessible to students of all levels.

Jamie's commitment to excellence and his passion for sharing his knowledge are evident in every lesson he conducts. As a Co-Founder of Golf House Academy, he remains steadfast in his mission to inspire and empower the next generation of golfers, continuing his family's legacy of excellence in golf instruction.

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