Our Instructors

Tim Stewart

Tim Stewart is a seasoned golf professional with over 16 years of experience since turning professional in 2008. As a co-founder and esteemed Instructor at Golf House Academy, Tim's expertise transcends borders, having competed on prestigious tours worldwide, including the European Tour, Asian Tour, and Australasian PGA Tour.

Jamie Arnold

Position: Co-Founder, Golf House Academy

Jamie journey into the world of golf is deeply rooted in his family's legacy, particularly his father, Colin, a respected PGA of Australia member with over five decades of teaching experience. Growing up under his father's guidance, Jamie developed a profound appreciation for the game and honed his skills both on and off the course.

Barrett Kelpin

Position: Instructor, Golf House Academy

Barrett brings a wealth of experience and a passion for teaching to his role as an Instructor at Golf House Academy. With over a decade of competitive experience in collegiate and professional golf, Barrett has established himself as a respected figure in the golfing community.

Marc Mazza

Position: Instructor, Golf House Academy

Marc brings over 17 years of professional experience to his role as an Instructor at Golf House Academy. With a lifelong passion for golf that began at the age of 5, Marc has dedicated his career to mastering the intricacies of the game both on and off the course.

Throughout his professional journey, Marc has competed in over 1000 professional-level events, showcasing his talent and dedication.

Jason Crawley

Position: Instructor, Golf House Academy

Jason Crawley brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as a golf instructor at Golf House Academy. With a background as the Head Golf Professional at multiple respected courses, Jason has honed his coaching skills to provide top-quality instruction to golfers of all levels.

Dr Greta Anderson

As one of only a relative handful of African American women to have earned Class A status as a golf teaching professional, Dr. Greta is a proud and active member of the Ladies’ Professional Golf Association (LPGA).  She is one of the golf industry’s most passionate advocates for the growth and diversification of golf, particularly among women. Having made the conscious decision to become a change-agent in that regard, Dr. Greta’s commitment to increasing female engagement in the game of golf is reflected in her industry involvement.

Marcus "Goose" Williams

Marcus “Goose” Williams” a passionate golfer originally from California's Bay Area, now residing in Atlanta, Georgia. My journey in golf has been one of resilience and determination. In 2012, I faced a life-altering car accident that left me paralyzed from the chest down. However, this setback did not hinder my love for the game.