Tim Stewart


Position: Co-Founder, Golf House Academy

Tim Stewart is a seasoned golf professional with over 16 years of experience since turning professional in 2008. As a co-founder and esteemed Instructor at Golf House Academy, Tim's expertise transcends borders, having competed on prestigious tours worldwide, including the European Tour, Asian Tour, and Australasian PGA Tour.

A proud member of the PGA of Australia, Tim holds the esteemed status of being 'Advanced in Coaching' within the association. His commitment to continuous improvement is evident through his certifications, including Level 2 – Golf qualification with the Titleist Performance Institute and Level 2 Trackman certification.

Tim's teaching approach seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with traditional philosophies of the game. His proficiency in modern technology allows him to analyze technical data and movement screening information effectively, tailoring personalized improvement plans for his students.

Tim's journey in golf has been marked by notable achievements, including victories such as the 2019 CAT Open on the PGT-Asia Tour and the 2018 Tahiti International Open on the Australian Tour. He has also achieved significant success on the amateur circuit, winning prestigious events like the 2006 Australian Amateur Championship, 2007 Singapore Open Amateur Championship and runner-up at the 2007 Amateur Championship.

As a co-founder of Golf House Academy, Tim Stewart embodies a commitment to excellence, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of improvement. Through his dedication to the craft and unwavering passion for teaching, Tim continues to inspire and empower golfers of all levels to reach their full potential.